Network Management

Waterfall is an innovative, end-to-end solution that can help you harness water consumption data to achieve smarter network management.

Smarter modelling. Smarter maintenance. Smarter service.

Based on near-real-time pressure and flow data, Waterfall finally makes it possible to optimise your network for demand.

With each households’ consumption accounted for down to millilitre levels of accuracy, pinpointing unmetered flow elsewhere in your network becomes relatively simple. Waterfall gives your team visibility -immediately and continuously – across all points of the network, so you can detect and address pressure surges, for example, based on early warning signs rather than consequences.

The data Waterfall provides makes it easier to prioritise, plan and budget for maintenance and repair work. It can also reduce the excess costs and customer complaints associated with over-or under-pressurisation of your network. For consumers, this translates into fewer interruptions to their supply and fewer reasons to complain.

Discovery Workshop

The best way to understand what Waterfall can do is to see it in action. Sign up for our one-to-one discovery workshop and meet the design and implementation team, including Steve McCorry, CTO at Creative EC and architect of the Waterfall device.

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Network Management

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